Power-Pole Captain’s Cash


The Power-Pole® Captains Cash Rewards Club members placing 1st place overall in a NWT event are eligible for the $250 contingency prize.  Registered Power-Pole owners (cost is $24.95) placing first place overall only in a sanctioned event are eligible for contingency payments.

Winners must be verified through the sanctioned tournament via website, newsletter or other official organization communication and obtain tournament director’s signature on claim form. Power-Pole must be purchased before the start of the event.

Completed Power-Pole Captains Cash claims forms must be submitted within 30 days of the tournament win.

  1. Purchase a Club Membership
    Membership is $24.95. All Captains Cash participants must purchase a Captains Cash membership.
  2. Download a Claim Form and get Paid!
    Did you win a sanctioned tournament as a registered Captains Cash Club Member? If so, be sure you get paid by submitting a completed Captains Cash Affidavit Claim of Tournament Win form.